Q-Fermentation 70% Dark Chocolate


A distinctive and decadent dark chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa and a light acidic note. The abundant flavour of the cocoa, is due to a remastered fermentation process.

Once a cacao pod is opened, you will find the cacao beans in their natural moist, slimey, happy habitat. The cacoa beans which are covered in pulp, must start their journey from cacao to cocoa with the first step of  fermentation.  The sciencec of  fermentation is  a key element of processing chocolate,  as its what elevates the flavour of this natural wonder, as the wet cacao beans, dry and develop their robust flavour notes. Q-fermentation™, is a patented process by Cacao Barry. 

“Our partner cacao farmers in West Africa are trained to the Q-fermentation™ technique that enables them to create homogeneous and exceptional fermentation, yielding beans of exceptional quality close to zero-impurities of off-flavors and with intense pure natural cocoa taste.” -Cacao Barry 

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Cait Crafted: Confections | Q-Fermentation 70% Dark Chocolate, 45 Grams

Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate (Q-Fermentation Program), sugar, soy lecithin added as emulsifier, natural vanilla flavour, and Milk.
 Allergens: Soy, Dairy. May contain traces of wheat, eggs, sesame, sulphites, peanuts and tree nuts. 

Ingrédients : Chocolat non sucré (Programme Q-Fermentation), sucre, lécithine de soja ajoutée comme émulsifiant, arôme naturel de vanille et Lait.
Allergènes : soja, produits laitiers. Peut contenir des traces de blé, d’oeufs, de sésame, de sulfites, d’arachides et de fruits à coque.

Produced in / Produit En:#3121 380 Canyon Meadows Drive SE, CALGARY, AB, CANADA, T2J7C3
Cait Crafted: Confections Corp /// www.caitcraftedconfections.ca
Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to contact@caitcraftedconfections.ca or 403-271-7606

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