Thank You Bar, Q-Fermentation 41% Milk Chocolate


A slightly sweet milk chocolate  (41% Cocoa Solids)with a dominant taste of cocoa and milk.

Rich, creamy and smooth with a pure and abundant taste of cocoa, due to a remastered fermentation process, resulting is a gorgeous milk chocolate which isn’t overpowered with sugar.

Once a cacao pod is opened, you will find the cacao beans in their natural moist, slimey, happy habitat. The cacoa beans which are covered in pulp, must start their journey from cacao to cocoa with the first step of  fermentation.  The sciencec of  fermentation is  a key element of processing chocolate,  as its what elevates the flavour of this natural wonder, as the wet cacao beans, dry and develop their robust flavour notes. Q-fermentation™, is a patented process by Cacao Barry. 

“Our partner cacao farmers in West Africa are trained to the Q-fermentation™ technique that enables them to create homogeneous and exceptional fermentation, yielding beans of exceptional quality close to zero-impurities of off-flavors and with intense pure natural cocoa taste.” -Cacao Barry 

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Weight 51 g
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 1 cm